Virtual middle school preview event

Virtual middle school preview event recordings available
Posted on 07/06/2020
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The district recently held virtual middle school preview presentations to help students transition smoothly to middle school. Principals shared information on what to expect, academics and opportunities available.

Families can now view the recordings of those events in English and Spanish on the district’s YouTube channel.

2020-2021 School Year Start Date: September 2, 2020

Bell Schedule: Start Time 8:45 a.m. to End Time 3:15 p.m.

Middle Schools Main Office Phone Numbers and Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Harrison Prep: (253) 583-5418
  • Hudtloff Middle School: (253) 583-5400
  • Lochburn Middle School: (253) 583-5420
  • Thomas Middle School: (253) 583-5440
  • Clover Park School District Office: (253) 583-5000

Middle School Webinar Questions and Answers:


2020-2021 Enrollment, Shot-Records, and Middle School Attendance:

Is my student enrolled/How do I enroll my student? All students who attended the Clover Park School District during the 2019-2020 School Year will roll-up to middle school automatically.

Do I need to turn-in shot records for my student? Yes; families can find this information by visiting the following website or calling the CPSD at (253) 583-5000.

Which Middle School will my student be attending? Families can find this information by visiting the following website or calling the CPSD at (253) 583-5000.

Special Education at Middle School:

Can identified Special Education (SPED) students select elective classes? Incoming 6th graders who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) will have had an IEP meeting prior to the end of their 5th grade year (during COVID-19 School Closures meetings were conducted on ZOOM, TEAMs, or phone). Incoming 6th graders who have an IEP will receive Class Schedules with information on core classes, SPED classes, and elective(s). Most SPED students will have electives. If a SPED student does not have an elective class, it could be due to other requirements such as a support class like EL (English Language) or other specialized classes to support the additional academic and/or social emotional goals.

How does a student qualify for SPED? Families interested in pursuing an evaluation for potential SPED services for their child will need to contact their student’s middle school Guidance Counselor to discuss this process. For more information, please visit the Clover Park School District Website:

Elective Classes at Middle School

Elective Survey: Please have your student, with your assistance, fill out one of the Elective Surveys for the Middle School he/she will be attending for the 2020-2021 School Year. Links for the surveys are:




Honors Classes at Middle School

How do students qualify for Honors Classes? Honors courses in math and language arts are taught at an accelerated pace with an advanced level of challenge at Hudtloff, Lochburn, and Thomas Middle Schools. The Honors curriculum is aligned with state learning standards and provides opportunities for extended critical and higher-level thinking in research and problem solving. Students qualify for Honors placement based on their ability to perform at an advanced level as indicated through nationally normed academic testing. Contact your school counselor for more information.

What is the Highly Capable Program? Our Highly Capable Program is designed to meet the advanced academic and social/emotional needs of students in grades K-12 with exceptional abilities. The program provides an accelerated, rigorous curriculum in an encouraging and supportive environment where teachers challenge students to reach their full potential. Students qualify for Highly Capable Program services based on their ability or potential to perform at an advanced level of academic excellence as indicated through cognitive and academic testing. Families can visit the CPSD website for more information

Leadership Classes: 

Thomas, Hudtloff and Lochburn offer Leadership classes. Leadership is only available for 8th grade students at Lochburn. Please check with your middle school counselor if you are interested in taking a Leadership class.

AVID Program: 

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a rigorous course designed for motivated and determined students who intend to pursue a four-year college degree. AVID students work through peer study groups and collaborate with college academic coaches to deepen their content knowledge, practice questioning strategies, and lead discussions. To learn more, families can visit the CPSD website and review the Middle School Course Catalog

Clover Park School District Waiver Process: 

Families can review waiver information on the CPSD website

Middle School Safety and Lockers: 

Safety: The CPSD is focused on the safety and wellbeing of each student. All middle schools have plans for the physical safety and emotional safety of each student. Anti-Bullying information and See Something, Say Something can be found on the CPSD website and

Lockers: The middle schools do not have lockers for students to store personal and/or academic-related property. Students will need to carry a backpack (rolling packs are allowed). Please limit the number of items your student(s) brings to school. Most textbooks stay in the classroom and/or are online (teachers will give location and logins).

Students will have PE lockers to secure their belongings during PE class – please do not share your lock combination with others. Students involved in sports will be issued a sports locker for the season.

Middle School Sports:

Families can call middle schools to inquire about sports. You may also go to the district’s web page and on the Parent tab, click on Skyward Family Access.

Hudtloff (253) 583-5400

Lochburn (253) 583-5420

Thomas (253) 583-5440

Harrison Prep students may participate in sports through their resident middle school or at Lochburn due to its proximity to Harrison. (253) 583-5418

Transition to Middle School:

Will there be Middle School transition events for families/students? Each middle school will be hosting transition events for the 2020-2021 School Year. The August “Jumpstart” events (called other names at different middle schools) information will be coming out soon. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion:

What is Clover Park School District doing to support equity and diversity?

Clover Park School District is fully committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. The district hired an equity, diversity and inclusion specialist this past school year to support these efforts.

An important component of this is at the governance level. The Board of Directors has held workshops to discuss equity and inclusion at the policy and strategic levels. Additionally, the district has conducted various trainings with staff on culturally relevant teaching practices and deep equity. The district’s human resources department is working to meet diversifying the workforce initiatives and has included equity, diversity and inclusion in district new employee orientation.

Understanding and identifying the needs of every student is essential to helping prepare them for success in the classroom and in life. The superintendent held listening sessions and teen summits with students this year to provide space for student voice. The district has also partnered with the Lakewood Multicultural Coalition and Community Engagement Leadership Team (CELT) to diversify community engagement and student support.

These are examples of some of the work happening here in Clover Park School District. The district will continue to expand on this important work in the coming school year and beyond.

Intent to Homeschool or Online School for the 2020-2021 School Year:

Student Service Center Information:
(253) 583-5000
10903 Gravelly Lake Drive SW, Lakewood, WA 98499


How will I find out my child’s bus stop location and time? The 2020-21 Bus Routes will initially be available on August 26th.

Everything Middle School:

School Lunches: Applications for the free and reduced lunch/breakfast program are available at all school offices or lunch rooms. Families may apply at any time during the school year. Be sure to sign the form and include all members of your household, and turn the form in to your school. Your application is completely confidential and will be processed within 10 working days. Please call the food service office if you have questions. Only one application per household is needed. Families can find more information by visiting the CPSD website. These applications must be renewed and submitted annually.

Paying for Meals: Student balances follow the student from school-to-school within the district and remain on the student account from one year to the next. To pre-pay into your child's account, you may give payments (cash, money order, or check) directly to a member of the kitchen staff, or you may make online payments through RevTrak. Families can call the Child Nutrition Services office at (253) 583-5490.

Electronics/Cell Phones: Electronics are to be turned-off and put away between during school hours. CPSB Policy # 3245.

Passing Periods: Passing periods are anywhere from four to five minutes between classes. This gives students time to move from one class to another.

Number of Classes: Hudtloff, Lochburn, and Thomas offer 6 classes per school day. HP offers an A/B Schedule, with four classes each A day and four classes each B day. Middle School students (unless enrolled in Geometry or Algebra) take math every day, resulting in a schedule with seven different courses.  

After School Tutoring and Clubs: Each of our middle schools offers after-school opportunities for additional academic support, academic enrichment, and exploration of extra-curricular activities through clubs.  The specific opportunities differ at each school and can change from year-to-year.  Information about after school clubs, activities, and sports is shared during each school’s August “Jumpstart” event and is also sent home with students during the first week of school.

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